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Welcome to YourPractice’s online tool for submitting patient information before your scheduled visit.

By submitting your information through this secure web site, you can provide your medical information from the comfort of your own computer.

Many patients prefer to submit their pre-visit information using this secure site because of the:
  • Time savings,
  • Easy access to past medical records, and
  • Comfortable, confidential setting

Please read the following about using YourPractice’s online patient information form:

  • Please provide as much of the information requested on the following pages as you possibly can.
  • Some pieces of information are required.  YourPractice’s online form makes it easy for you to identify the required information. If a piece of information is required, it is marked with a red asterisk (*).  If you happen to miss entering a piece of required information, the online form will remind you by highlighting the required fields in yellow when you click on the “Next Page” button at the bottom of each questionnaire page.

  • You can edit the information you entered before submitting it. After you have completed the required information on each page, you will be presented with a Patient Information Summary. The Patient Information Summary makes it easy for you to:

    • Review the entries you made,
    • Change your entries,
    • Add more information, and
    • Print a copy of each Summary page for your own records.
  •  Click “Finish” when you are satisfied and you will see a screen thanking you for your submission.

Please click here to fill in the form.

Thank you for using YourPractice’s online patient tools.