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Product Overview is an easy to implement, secure Solution for collecting patient data. 

The design of the HealthSubmit Solution was guided by practice needs to:

  • Reduce patient waiting times and increase patient convenience,

  • Create convenient tools for patients to submit legible history, demo-graphics and symptom information prior to their visit,

  • Save staff time formatting patient information to complement clinician  workflow, and

  • Maintain data privacy and security in compliance with HIPAA standards.

HealthSubmit makes it easy for you to add secure interactive patient information and history data collection to your practice web site.

Using secured transmission and data encryption technology, patients submit the data your practice needs prior to their visit.

Designated practice staff personnel are alerted to the patientís data submission. By simply using a security compatible browser, assigned user ID and password, appointed practice staff can gain secure access to the patientís encrypted submission(s) for viewing or printing to their practiceís local printer.

Itís that easy to access and print a patient populated form. 

The patient convenience of providing data from the comfort of their home, office or any location with web browser access to the Internet means your practice gets more thorough and accurate data, presented legibly and formatted exactly how you want it.

Since the data collection is all online, there are no more forms left at home, or information missing because the details needed were not brought in to the practice.

Heighten patient, staff and provider satisfaction while saving time and reducing expenses with Wybtrakís HealthSubmit.